20 Best Dog Quotes and Inspired Messages

Dogs are man’s best friends, and there is a special connection between dogs and dog lovers. So, just like any other relationship, dogs need to be cherished too, giving them a special mention through dog quotes, dog captions and dog saying and much more.

We bring for you freshly written dog quotes for dog lovers and pet lovers in general, to share with their friends and families.

  1. If we could be half as happy as a dog, the world would be a happy place for all!
  2. Very few people wait on you, like a dog does!
  3. If you have a dog, you are never lonely!
  4. These doggy smiles, are fuel for a thousand miles!
  5. There’s a difference between how people play with you, and how a dog does!
  6. There is little to teach, but a lot to learn from a dog!
  7. The streets show more compassion towards dogs, than humans!
  8. Nobody looks up to you, like your dog does!
  9. My dog is very selfish, He only thinks about me!
  10. If they could speak, we could know our follies!
  11. If these eyes mean nothing, you don’t understand anything!
  12. If a dog finds comfort in your home, you will find comfort in your life!
  13. Dogs: No truer companions than them!
  14. Dogs can be happy for no reason at all!
  15. Dog People or Cat People, better than a lot of people!
  16. A pet is a master in disguise!
  17. A dog’s smile is infectious!
  18. A dog’s smile is all it takes to lift up your spirits!
  19. A dog’s happiness is directly proportional to the love you give him!
  20. A Dog doesn’t wait for things you bring, he waits for you!