Pumpkin Kitten Costume

Why do Pet Owners Dress Up their Pets?

Some pet owners around the world fancy the idea of dressing up their pets for many reasons. You must have seen dogs or cats, all dressed up, walking across the streets, playing in the parks or simply standing with their owners during the rains or the hot scorching sun, in full weather gear. You can’t deny that they look cute, can you? From classy clothes to stylish accessories, these pets have everything in their ‘own wardrobes’, and people wonder why?

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Can your dog swim in a chlorine pool?

There has always been some concern over dogs swimming in a swimming pool or rather in a chlorine pool (as chlorine is widely used in pools around the world). Given the fact that the amount of chlorine in a pool has no effect on humans, it is but obvious to believe that it safe for pet dogs as well. But given the kind of sensitivity our furry friends have, it is still a cautious effort to question if chlorine is actually safe for dogs?

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