Well, we have been brought up in the golden era of street dogs, when they were ‘man’s best friends’ in the actual sense, loved and cared for by almost everyone we knew. During that time, every street in every locality in every town had dogs and cats roaming, playing and living freely just like the kids who lived there.

Today, as pet parents to not just the ones we have at our homes but also to those on the streets around our localities, we are a strong family of pet parents, pet lovers, animal rights activists, lawyers and vets, all sharing our love and knowledge for the benefit of pets and stray animals around us and beyond.

We don’t promise big things and as a matter of fact, we are just learning to do small and simple things that matter. And you know what? The best thing we know is to make people aware through the power of words!

So, here we are with some simple thoughts, ideas, findings and research materials on pet behaviour, pet nutrition, pet health and general pet care tips, that will surely help you do the right thing for your pets and all the animals that you care for!

So, let’s grow a culture of pets – strays included!