Can your dog swim in a chlorine pool?

There’s nothing like taking a dip in the pool with your pet dog but is the chlorine in your pool safe for your dog

There has always been some concern over dogs swimming in a swimming pool, or rather in a chlorine pool (as chlorine is widely used in pools around the world). Given the fact that the amount of chlorine in a pool has no effect on humans, it is but obvious to believe that it safe for pet dogs as well. But given the kind of sensitivity our furry friends have, it is still a cautious effort to question if chlorine is actually safe for dogs?

Let us talk in details whether dogs can actually swim in chlorine pools without being harmed.

The level of chlorine in pools is negligible

Let’s clarify one thing first – The level of chlorine in swimming pools is generally very low unless increased by human error. Having said that, it is very safe for anyone to swim, man or animal and that is the reason we never get to read about people getting affected by the chlorine in swimming pools. There can be rare cases owing to human error in judging and exceeding the safe amount. So, for dogs too it is as safe as it is for humans.     

Dogs have sensitive ears, eye and nose

Unlike humans, dogs have very sensitive eyes, nose and ears explaining their increased sensory powers of seeing, sniffing and hearing. Hence, there is always a possibility of a little excess of chlorine in the swimming pool water affecting their sensitive parts more. They can end up having infections or slight inflammation, if anything.

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Dogs may ingest chlorine water as a habit

Like explained earlier, the amount of chlorine in swimming pool water is negligible and will never harm anyone including pet dogs even if ingested accidentally. Even children happen to do that from time to time. However, dogs are most likely to lick or drink pool water as they play, get tired and feel thirsty while still inside the swimming pool.

The concern would arise as they may do it on a regular basis as they cannot differentiate between drinking water and the water so readily available in the pool. It is obvious that a little bit of chlorine ingested daily can cause some harmful effects.

Else than the points discussed above there are no cases of harmful effects of chlorine on dogs, except for some rare cases.