Don’t get a pet just to accompany you during the coronavirus lockdown

Many people have been trying to adopt pets or even strays for company during the lockdown, even as some pet owners have been abandoning their pets amid coronavirus fears

There has been a surge in people wanting to buy or adopt pets, especially dogs, across the world as the lockdown continues to extend. The reasons can be many but majorly it is the urge to keep a pet just for the sake of a ‘cute company’ and morale booster. People who have suddenly found meaning in getting a pet are urged not to give in to such whim (yes, that’s what it is) and try not to rush into a ‘pet buying’ decision.

We will keep it short in telling you why not to get a pet now and when to get one.

Why not to get a pet now?

Well, to keep it simple – if you don’t already have a pet then there must have been something to stop you from having one in your ‘pre-coronavirus’ days. That should be the biggest reason for you to not get a pet now. Why? Well, because you may or may not agree but the growing urge to get a pet now when you are locked down, not able to go anywhere, seeking some positivity in your life and feeling like you have finally been able to crack the puzzle of ‘whether you were meant to keep a pet’, is all driven by the dread that the coronavirus has spread on all our minds. Trust us, you are not meant to keep a pet if it takes the lockdown and loneliness to make you decide that you should have a pet.

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When to get a pet?

Wait for the lockdown to be lifted and things to get back to normal. Get back to and busy with whatever you used to do before the lockdown started and then, if you still feel the urge to get a pet, go for it. Trust us, with the major reason for depression gone, many won’t be feeling the same about getting pets anymore. And if you happen to be one of them then it would be better for you to not have a pet than ignore or abandon it later. Why? Well, having a pet is not different than having a child at home and if you are not ready to have a child then you are not ready to have a pet too. There has to be longing, love, caring and a strong sense of responsibility to have a child or a pet. Be your own judge.  

The two points will give you an idea of what we intend to explain. Now, you may or may not into our reasoning and would still justify your urge to get a pet and somehow get one too even during the lockdown. In that case, we wish your pet luck and hope that he finds a good friend in you or at least a caring master.