Why cats are more manageable than dogs?

Cats, though a little (actually more) misunderstood as being selfish and unconcerned animals or pets, can be very much manageable to say the least. For one, they care a lot about themselves and hence leave less work for us to do. Cats have their own traits that can actually make people keep them for a whole lot of reasons.

Let’s begin!

Cats are more affordable than dogs

If nothing, then the fact that cats are more affordable than dogs in a lot of ways, is reason enough for many pet lovers and first time pet owners to take one or a couple, home. Let us look into some of the reasons why cats can be more than affordable.

Buying or adopting a cat is far less expensive in most of the cases

Adopting cats and kittens
Adopting cats and kittens

Cats are usually inexpensive buy or adopt from shelters and the fees are very low to almost none in many cases. You can even get more than just one on discount. With the exception of some exquisite breeds like Persian cats and the likes. Buying cats is easy and cheap at times. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t come for cheap and cost a lot in most of the cases.

Cats don’t need a lot of space to feel at home

Cats need just a little space.
Cats feel at home with just a little space.

Cats don’t need a lot of space to feel comfortable and at home. Compared to dogs, who need a lot of extra space to sleep, stretch, play and do all the things that make them happy, cats are content with tiny personal spots and can do with a minimum of space in your house. So, as long as you have a litter box that has her name on it (and her little poops),  a food plate and a water dish, she will be the happiest and most content living being you will ever come across.

Cats don’t need high-quality toys and stuff

Cats love playing with toys.
Cats love playing with toys.

Cats don’t spoil or destroy their toys or stuff around them like dogs tend to do. Having said that, they almost minimize the cost of buying high quality toys and other such materials for them or us for that matter. They usually don’t throw tantrums like dogs do, destroying just about everything they can get their mouths on increasing the burden of buying new stuff from time to time.

Cats don’t usually need pet sitters or pet boarding

Cats don't are self-sufficient.
Cats don’t are self-sufficient.

Cats, unlike dogs who are very touchy and anxious, don’t usually require pet sitters or pet boarding facilities owing to the fact that they behave in a much orderly fashion when alone. They are like grown up kids who are well aware and in control of their surroundings. However, you may need a pet sitter or boarding service if you plan to stay away for longer periods. So, generally, you save a lot of money in that area too.

Cats don’t need walkers like dogs do

Cats don't need walking like dogs.
Cats don’t need walking, but I’m sure they would enjoy it.

Cats are self-content and self-caring too and don’t require daily walks around the park or roads like dogs too. Given the fact that dog walkers charge anything between 15 to 45 dollars for an hour or even more, depending upon the duration of walks and number of dogs. Cats however, stretch, nap, play and keep themselves active and entertained through the day without you having to pay any special attention or hiring someone to do that for you.

Cats are happy inside the house

Cats are content inside a house.
Cats are content inside a house.

Cats are not much of outdoor personalities and they can spend their lives within the four walls of a house for ages. It’s not that they don’t like it outdoors or don’t require fresh air and a free atmosphere but they find extreme joy and comfort in cosy little spots inside the house. You will find them curled up in a cosy corner in your house or on a furniture or doors and windows. They are content sightseeing from the window and just need the sunlight and air that can come inside the house.

Comparatively, dogs can’t and shouldn’t be kept within the confines of your houses as they need a lot of activity to stay healthy and happy. You need to spend time for walking and playing with them outdoors or else they tend to get sad, moody and sick too. This could become tricky if you happen to live in a neighbourhood that has no parks or open and safe walking space.

Cats don’t make too much of noise

Cats are typically quiet.
Cats are typically quiet.

Cats are the quiet ones and most of the times they don’t utter a single word or meow unless necessary or during the nights when the cats around the world come to life. They can be a little noisy during the nights but that too would be repetitive meows, not that loud usually. However, dogs are the loud ones whether they express love, excitement or anger. The barks that can go on for lengths, can get you into trouble with neighbours who find it difficult to bear with the never ending barks.

Cats, or kittens, mature soon

Kittens mature quickly
Kittens mature quickly.

Cats seem to mature soon and though some would debate it, they prove to be more in control, like said earlier. So while cats and puppies, in general, need a lot of attention, time and training in the first few days or months, kittens grow up real fast, and don’t need extra care once they get accustomed (this is up for debate as many experts assert that cats don’t adapt to change that easily).

So, you can leave your cats unsupervised once the basic training like potty training, has been completed successfully. With puppies, it can get a little tricky.

Cats are cleaner than dogs

Cats are good cleaners.
Cats are good cleaners.

Cats keep themselves clean and you can see them in self-cleaning modes every now and then, as compared to dogs who like to play dirty, like kids in a puddle. Cats don’t do that. So, while you need to spend time and money on bathing and grooming dogs, you won’t have to do that often for cats. Brush them sometimes, do their nails and you are done. They will do the rest!

Cats don’t keep you on your toes

Cats don't need constant attention.
Cats don’t need constant attention.

Cats don’t crave for your constant attention or nudge you every now and then to play along. Comparatively, dogs will always try to seek your attention and in doing so, exhaust you. Cats keep to themselves and are more of a formal acquaintance who doesn’t keep saying “look at me” like dogs do! You can sit back and relax, something almost impossible with dogs.

These are some of the many benefits of keeping a pet cat instead of a dog. However, animals, whether pet or wild can be unpredictable, and can behave opposite to their characteristics sometimes. And while, a cat can be manageable in many ways, don’t be surprised if yours turns out to be a total brute!

We, might add a few more points but till then, do share your own findings and experiences!

And remember – Nothing’s Purrrrrrfect!