Why do Pet Owners Dress Up their Pets?

From weather protection clothing to designer clothes and footwear, pet lovers around the world like dressing up their pets for many reasons

Some pet owners around the world fancy the idea of dressing up their pets for many reasons. You must have seen dogs or cats, all dressed up, walking across the streets, playing in the parks or simply standing with their owners during the rains or the hot scorching sun, in full weather gear. You can’t deny that they look cute, can you? From classy clothes to stylish accessories, these pets have everything in their ‘own wardrobes’, and people wonder why?

So, why do pet owners dress up their pets?

Pets need protection from the weather as much as humans do

Dog playing dress-up.
It’s dress-up time.

Like said earlier, some clothe their pets to protect them from the weather. The fact is that animals and birds get affected by the rain, sun or the wind as much as we are. Those who love their pets can notice and feel their behavior of their pets and hence try best to protect them in mild or extreme weather conditions. Just like children, pets too are vulnerable to hot and cold weather and hence they clothe them in protective clothing. So during the summers you will see some pets in hats and sunglasses, in winters you may see some in sweaters or jackets, in the rains you may see them in colourful raincoats and so on.

The protection from their pets from the weather is a priority for many pet owners.

Pets can be as fashionable as their human counterparts

Fashionable dog all dressed up.
Dressed up to look fashionable!

Fashion is not just for the humans, it extends it’s grasps on the animal world too, especially the pet world. Years ago, dressing up your pet was exclusively reserved for the rich and the famous. Many Hollywood stars had even made headlines for the ‘style statements’ of their pets.

However, times have changed and pet owners now see to it that their pets follow a lifestyle very much like their own. Be they clothes or accessories that they strut around. So they have been dressing up their pets to match their standards in social gatherings or whenever they are in public. Not that they do it just to get attention for themselves, but also to share the attention that they get with their pets too. And in most of the cases the pets love it too.

Pets need to have a social presence of their own

Dog dressed up in a French Fry costume.
How about some fries with that shake?

Just like people owners around the world who have a social presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other platforms, their pets too enjoy a social following of their own. Never before than now have we ever seen so many ‘pet oriented’ social accounts sharing just about everything that goes around in their daily lives. So we can see pets dressed up in the best pet clothes money can buy, groomed in the best spas, munching on the best pet food and having a good time. So you see, pets have to be dressed for the occasion to click the perfect shot for Instagram!

So you see, pet owners very much want to keep their pets in the limelight and we cannot blame them for trying.