Simple Iindoor Routines to Keep your Dog Aactive During he Coronavirus Lockdown

The Covid-19 or Coronavirus crisis has turned everybody’s daily lives and routines upside down, and with many pet owners locked down within the four walls of their homes, pet dogs are sailing in the same boat of boredom and depression. 

Pet care has become all the more difficult in present times. Dogs, as many would tell, are very inquisitive, playful and childish and need to be busy most of the time. For them, being at home all the day, cut off from the outside world, deprived of their daily walks along the streets, unable to play in the parks can be depressing to a very extensive level.

Here are some simple indoor routines your pet dog would love.

Walk or make your pet dog run at home

This is a very personal experience and we have been doing it even before the coronavirus lockdown ever came into effect. You don’t need to worry about walking your dog outside when you can do it within your home. All you need to do is to carry grab along your dog’s favourite toy or treat and start walking playfully from one corner of your house to another, the longest distance available. If you live in a row house or villa or happen to have stairs in your house then running u and down with your pet following you would be good exercise for your dog as well as you.

Dogs like to play ‘fetch’ no matter where you are

You must have done this at parks and maybe at your home too. Dogs like to fetch and it doesn’t matter where you play it, in a park or in your home. So, grab something and just throw it away just like you do it outside and your dog would be glad to fetch it for you.

Any time is a good time to play ‘tug-of-war’ with your dog

Dogs love playing tug-of-war almost any time of the day. Simply take his favourite toy or cloth or anything for that matter and pretend you are slowly taking it away from him and how will get busy snatching it away from you. It is a good and tiring exercise.  

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Play a game of Hide and Seek with your pet dog

Dogs like to play hide and seek, and they play it with the same enthusiasm that children play the game with. There are many ways to play it – throw something for your dog to fetch and hide before he comes back or simply go and hide when he is not aware and call his name when you have found a hiding place (we don’t even have to tell you all this but can’t help).

Finding treats is always and enthusiastic activity for dogs

You must have seen this many times on YouTube and it is simple. Take a treat in your hand and then shuffle it between both your hands asking your dog to guess which hand holds the treat. You can do it with glasses or other such utensils or even boxes. It can bring out some very funny reactions.